Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Michel Jacksons major transformation

Black Beauty

Hey Black Beauty's. It's me again.Shadae. I want to discus the crazy thing that musical man Michel Jackson did to himself. He looks white! No offense to my future white viewers. I am not saying that white is bad but we are a black nation that needs to stay black.We need to act as one and continue to stay our bright black shinning stars that we are. We are not just a reflection of ourselves,but a reflection of our black power,our black nation, and a reflection of our black president. I don't like the reflection that he rubbed off on his black nation. He put out their that we black people don't have a high Self - Esteem and I surly do. He's saying that black people want to be some thing that there not. Here above are some pic's of when Michel Jackson looked black, and how he looks now.


  1. I love this blog! It has opened me up to what you said about black woman and girls, boys and men being proud of who they are so I hope you cointinue to do very well on your blog.

    P.S. I saw this blog from Bk NESTO'S BLOG ROLL. good luck to you and your daddy!

  2. You know what, the funny thing is when a hear a Michael Jackson song from my youth or prior I never visualize him as he is today.

    It's sad that this is the only image that your generation knows of this once revered super talent.

    Good post baby...

  3. Every single person has the choice to be whatever wants. You and other people do not have rights to judge his color, look inside thats real, the body is nothing, it will be nothing when you die.