Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Black Beauty

Hi. I'm Shadae. I am a new blogger on this sight.I do have a mentor that will soon teach me everything that I will know about how to write a blog.What I will discus in this blog is the enormous amount of pride we black women and girls should have for ourselves.I want to put that out there in every single one of our black beauty's heads that we are all beautiful,and we don't need anyone else to tell us so. So be strong,be brave,and be proud black!

By Black Beauty's


  1. Hey my love,

    Welcome to the blogsphere! Of course I'll be here to mentor you but remember, this is your voice and your forum. All I will say as far as advice goes for now is make sure there is integrity plus passion in all that you write.

    And it's only right that I'm the first comment;). Do your thing kid!!

    Daddy loves you.

    p.s. you've been added yo my blog roll.

  2. good luck on your blog i wish you the best at every thing you do so kick butt and do your best